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Errea House Museum

Errea House MuseumDirectly across the street from the Tehachapi Museum is another local treasure that provides visitors with a true look back at early life in Tehachapi. The Errea House is the oldest house in the area, dating to the 1870s. The house, built in what is now called Old Town 4 miles west of the current city, is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

About 1900, the house was moved on log rollers pulled by horses or mules to its present location. Its refurbished parlor, dining room, kitchen, bathroom, bedrooms and covered porch gives visitors a view of life in rural Tehachapi, 1900s–1930s. The old–fashioned garden, located on the north side of the building, is being restored to resemble the type of garden found by homes in Tehachapie in the 1900s to 1930s. The house is named after a Spanish Basque family who lived in the house for over 70 years.